Sally Despenser

Sally Despenser - SECRETS & LIES
Saturday 7th October 2017

A one-day workshop with Sally Despenser

This one day experiential, interactive workshop focuses on 2 powerful behaviours: the keeping (or divulging) of secrets and the telling of lies (and other deceitful behaviours eg fraud, cheating etc).

We will explore

  • What are people secretive about? And what is the secret designed to avoid or cover up? Who owns the secret?
  • How are secrets maintained? Who holds the power? Who is deceived and excluded? Who (or what) is being protected?
  • What happens when the secret is uncovered? What are the consequences?
  • How do we work with secrets and lies in therapy with individuals, couples, families?
  • Should you ever promise to keep someone else’s secret? As a counsellor? In your private life?

please note PowerPoint is not used in this workshop

Sally Despenser:  is a freelance trainer, counsellor, supervisor and writer. She draws on 30 years of professional experience in a wide range of settings, and she currently works with staff and bereaved people in 2 end of life settings: a hospice and a Maggie’s centre.

Date: Saturday 7th October 2017
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue:  Wallace House
3 Boswell Road
Edinburgh EH5 3RJ
Cost: Early bird £65 by 18th September, thereafter £75

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Elaine Weir & Lindsey Miller

Elaine Weir & Lindsey Miller- Introduction to Working Therapeutically With Voice Hearing. “That’s Like Schizophrenia, isn’t it?”
Saturday 11th November 2017


Elaine and Lindsey are founders of Time and Space, a client led service working therapeutically with voice hearers using a person centred/hearing voices model.
Psychosis can be scary for everyone involved and practitioners, such as counsellors, can be afraid to work with it in case they make things worse, too often meaning that the only option for the client is psychiatric care. This leads to medicalization of the client and their condition which is often followed by years of ‘revolving door’ hospital treatment and drug regimes that can cause as many problems as the initial psychosis.
We aim to take some of the fear out of psychotic symptoms.
This workshop has been developed from our own experience working with people with voices, visual disturbances, intrusive thoughts and strange tactile sensations to give practitioners a deeper understanding of these issues and the tools to work with it.
This workshop is experiential with plenty of room for discussion. We will work in small and large groups (and we will avoid power points!)


This one-day training is designed to increase awareness and skills in counsellors, psychotherapists and other health care workers. By creating a greater understanding of voice hearing and related sensory experiences, practitioners will be more confident to work therapeutically with this client group.


At the end of this training the participant will:-

  • Have a clearer understanding of voice hearing and its relationship to mental ill health.
  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of medication and its effects.
  • Have a basis for developing their own practice with those who hear voices.

Date: Saturday 11th November 2017
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue:  Wallace House
3 Boswell Road
Edinburgh EH5 3RJ
Cost: Early bird £65 by 14th October, thereafter £75

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